Full-stack web developer, marketing technologist & digital product creator.

I help businesses create revenue generating machines with HubSpot, and build digital products that yield passive income while traveling the world.

📍 Current Location: Lisbon, Portugal

👇 Here's what I'm working on

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Drive is my HubSpot Partner Agency that specializes in providing strategic and technical HubSpot consulting to medium and enterprise companies, helping them unlock the full potential of the HubSpot platform

Check out my agency site ->

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Generator is a HubSpot website theme I've been working on for the past few years that empowers HubSpot customers to easily build their own website, landing pages, and blog on the HubSpot CMS without the need for a developer

Check out the Generator theme ->

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BounceChecker is an essential HubSpot Custom Workflow Action that I've created, allowing HubSpot users to verify whether an email address is likely to bounce before sending an email sequence.

By preventing emails from bouncing, BounceChecker helps to safeguard the sender's reputation, which is crucial for maintaining positive relationships with clients and avoiding potential penalties from email service providers.